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annual HFES meeting

It was such a valuable experience for all lab members to attend the annual meeting of the HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomic Society)! The conference provided lots of opportunities to learn about the current research and applications in various human factors/ergonomics topics through presentations, discussion panels, and workshops. The experience was very inspiring for our student lab members to learn outside of classes and to be part of thought-provoking discussions on topics such as trust, accessibility, and system transparency.

Moreover, the conference also provided networking opportunities to connect with people who share similar interests from around the world including students, researchers, and practitioners. It was very exciting to meet researchers whose research papers you have read and cited many times! Being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they are doing has motivated us to continue learning and exploring the field of human factors/ergonomics. We had a wonderful time at the conference and looking forward to the conference next year!