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presentation at CAHMP social series

Our lab is part of the 2023 CAHMP Social Series where our lab captain, Eileen Roesler, is presenting research on human-AI interaction titled Same, Same but Digital? Working with (Artificial) Colleagues. The CAHMP Social Series features faculty, researchers, and students who bring their expertise in human-AI collaboration, cybersecurity, machine learning, robotics, and more to engage in meaningful and inspiring talks. Here, Eileen will be discussing research on trust, perceived responsibility, and the shift in perspective between human and technological support agents, as well as the impact of explainability in human-AI collaboration. Additionally, there will be talks from other presenters which explore the factors driving the growth of tech hubs in Africa to promote AI industry development, and supporting adaptive learning for English Learner students by using wearable smart systems.

Join us for an afternoon of intellectual exploration on Friday, October 13th at 12:30 PM, in Research Hall 440A. Can’t attend in person? No problem – you can also join us online! See you there, either in person or virtually!

For more information about the talk and the CAHMP Social Series, click here.